There's something a bit spooky about being on a farm. Maybe it's the sprawling land, the question of what lies hidden in the cornfield, or the ominous barn and its darkness inside. No matter what the reason, farms provide the spook factor that often make them the perfect background for any horror movie.

Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm is your way to experience horror up close and personal. Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

About Fear the Raven

Fear the Raven is one of New England's newest haunted attractions. Founded in 2019, Fear the Raven set out to create a new terrifying experience for those who love to get spooked. Situated on Chris' Farm Stand, a 157-acre, 200-year-old farm, guests will explore portions of the farm-if they're up to the challenge, that is.

While Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm is new to the horror scene, don't underestimate their fresh-faced approach to horror entertainment. At the end of their first season, Fear the Raven was named the number one new haunt in the country.

Experience Fear the Raven

 Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm is a unique haunted attraction sure to keep even the bravest guests up at night. As soon as dusk breaks, guests are invited to explore portions of the farm that have been previously hidden from the world.

Guests take a trail that will separate them from the rest of those enjoying the fall activities at Chris' Farm Stand. Now's your final chance to turn back because there's no guarantee what you'll find lurking in the cornfield.

But that's not all. Once you survive the cornfield, what will you discover at the haunted house? There's only one way to find out.

Smaller Scares at Chris' Farm Stand: Other Halloween Attractions

Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm is located at Chris' Farm Stand, a working, family-run farm of four generations of sustainable farmers. In the fall, you can grab all the sweet corn, produce, eggs, and other grocery items you may need.

Make your visit to Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm an all-day event by first spending some time at Chris' Farm Stand. Pick some pumpkins to carve, then attend the annual Pumpkin Festival. There are plenty of family-friendly Halloween activities you're sure to enjoy and some smaller horror events perfect for both children and self-proclaimed scaredy-cats alike.

Then, when the sun starts to go down, head to Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm, where teens and adults will encounter horror at its finest.

Learn More About Fear the Raven

When horror movie scares don't have the same effect on you, experience these types of scares for yourself at Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm. This top-rated new horror attraction is sure to keep you looking around corners even hours later.

To learn more about Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm and how you can visit, check out their Facebook page. Then, when the time is right, head over to Fear the Raven at Ravenwood Haunted Farm and get your dose of up-close horror!

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