You love your Audi A5 and you want to be able to drive it for as long as you possibly can, but how can you ensure that? By having all of the routine maintenance performed by Audi factory-certified technicians per the ever-important maintenance schedule.  

The following maintenance schedule overview by our Audi Peabody team can help all Peabody, Danvers, and Beverly drivers prevent damage to their A5, so it stays on the road and out of the shop.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments by a certified technician is the key to your car's reliability and longevity.  

The A5 has been designed to help keep a certain level of maintenance standards and requirements for it to perform at peak condition.

The A5 has such an intelligent computer system that you can check the remaining time until your next oil change or inspection in the Service Intervals tab on your infotainment system. These service reminder and service due messages will appear in the instrument cluster display behind your steering wheel.  

10,000 Miles

Per Audi, your engine oil should be checked and replaced with each 10,000-mile service interval under what they call a Minor Maintenance service interval. In addition to an engine oil check, Audi recommends some of the following services be performed at the 10,000-mile interval:

  • Check the brake system for damage, leaks, and pad thickness.
  • Check the tires and spare wheel for tire pressure, wear, and damage.
  • Check the wiper blade condition.
  • Check and add windshield wiper and headlight-washing system fluid.
  • Reset the Service reminder indicator display.

20,000 Miles  

The 20,000-mile interval is a big mark in the relationship that you and your A5 share. It marks a point where you've gotten to know and love it, but the long road together has really only begun.

In order to make sure this relationship will be long-lasting, Audi recommends what they call a Standard Maintenance service interval. Some of those services are to:

  • Check the battery for corrosion, damage, and acid levels.
  • Check the cooling system and add coolant, if necessary.
  • Lubricate all straps, locks, and the hood safety catch.
  • Check for damage and leaks in the exhaust system.
  • Check the interior lighting and glove box compartment illumination.
  • Check the panoramic sunroof system functionality.
  • Check all frontal and rear lighting.
  • Check the safety belts clip for belt tongue and functionality.

It is recommended that your A5 receive this set of Standard Maintenance services every 20,000 miles or two years, whichever occurs first.      

40,000 Miles

At 40,000 miles, you'll want to have all of the same Audi-recommended maintenance service that was performed at 20,000 miles along with a few other services.    

The brake discs should be examined for their thickness to make sure the rotors are all intact and not damaged or rusted.

At this mileage interval, you'll also want to have your spark plugs and their individual wires inspected and replaced. Spark plugs are critical to your car's reliability, starting with when you push the start button.

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